Upcoming event: Total Impact

April 26-27, 2018 | Philadelphia
Good Capital Project and ImpactPHL are proud to present an exciting new gathering that will leave you with the tools, insights and connections to build a Total Impact Portfolio to deliver on both your financial and social goals. To learn more about the event click the button below!

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The #impinv conversation

Creating Shared Understanding


How can we better explain the importance and necessity of such investments? How can we map the impact investing ecosystem, and the processes we currently use, in order to improve and streamline them? How do we develop better educational tools to educate and inspire those who seek additional knowledge?


Legal Structures & Policy


What are the organizational legal structures and investment vehicles that are needed? What policies and regulatory changes would unleash growth, and how can we imagine and garner the support needed? How can policy bring new participants to the table who have been excluded?


Enabling the entrepreneur

Innovation is the engine that drives change, spurs growth, creates social impact and jobs, and propagates new ways of thinking. Entrepreneurs are the ones that launch the disruptive innovations that scale, but the impact landscape is inefficient and fragmented, with a conflicting mix of investor demands. Now, tools and approaches are emerging that need rapid replication to increase the volume of high quality deal flow.

Impact Measurement


While big advances are being made in metrics for social and environmental impact and sustainability, many of these impact metrics are often redundant, confusing and in conflict. This is a costly and distracting problem for both investors and entrepreneurs running their companies. How can we create a Rosetta Stone that overcomes the fragmented, siloed approach and ensures the right things are being measured?

Investable Solutions


Understanding the risk return spectrum of impact investment opportunities is extremely important. While, there is much recent focus on “market-based” returns, we cannot lose sight that there must also be room for the deeply intentional investments that are not profit maximizing. Investable Solutions will provide clarity between investment opportunities that are and are not concessionary. 

EfFicient Product Design & DISTRIBUTION

The impact pioneers have proven that sustainable and stakeholder-focused companies can also achieve market rate risk & return profiles. What are the barriers to replicating those successful models at scale? How do we learn from the traditional asset managers who have long mastered the ability to launch a product that fits nicely on the shelves of bank or brokerage firms to be seamlessly delivered to the end consumer?


"While each of us has a different perspective, approach, and style, together we share a mission of accelerating capital flows to purpose driven investments."

- Robert J. Caruso, Chairman, SOCAP Group